Carmine Red Stretch Wrist Warmers

Application & Inspiration

If you want to create a cozy mood, these hand knitted wrist warmers can be an excellent choice. Feminine and practical, they suit a wide variety of occasions, whether it's a walk in a park or other daily activities.

What is this item made of?

The basis of the wrist warmers is 63% viscose 25% extra fine merino wool 9% polyamide 3% elastane blend yarn, which was later turned into a crochet work bouclé. Then, from this basis with the help of 4-mm knitting needles and the creator's inspiration the wrist warmers were made.


Length ~ 16 cm / 6,3 in

Width ~ 8-9 cm / 3,1-3,5 in, good stretching due to elastane component

Production Method

Self designed and hand knitted

Completely handmade, no machine knitting.