Deep Red Grey Hand Knit Wrist Warmers

Application & Inspiration

If you want to create a cozy mood, these hand knitted wrist warmers can be an excellent choice. Feminine and practical, they suit a wide variety of occasions, whether it's a walk in a park or other daily activities.

What is this item made of?

These wrist warmers are made of half woolen yarn with the help of 4 mm- needles and the creator's inspiration.

Wool/acrylic blend yarn retains the warm and comfort feeling, and due to containing acrylic it acquires an extra lightness. Knitwear from pure wool need special care as it can lose shape, stretch out, etc. Wool and acrylic mixture is devoid of this shortcoming.


Length ~ 19 cm / 7,5 in

Width ~ 9,5-10 cm / 3,7-3,9 in

Production Method

Self designed and hand knitted

Completely handmade, no machine knitting.