Red Beige Goat Wool Knit Wrist Warmers

Application & Inspiration

These hand knitted wrist warmers are perfect for cold weather. They will keep you especially warm due to containing goat fiber. The mixture of warm dark red and beige colors makes them lively, but not too bright and consequently very wearable in daily life.

What is this item made of?

These wrist warmers are made of 35% goat wool / 15% sheep wool / 50% acrylic blend yarn, with the help of 4 mm and 2 mm needles and the author's Muse.

Things made from the goat wool are very warm, organic and healing, though not very soft. The texture becomes a bit more fluffy after a while.


Length ~ 20,5 cm / 8,1 in

Width ~ 10 cm / 3,9 in