Tiny Hexagon Boho Purse

Application & Inspiration

There are no limits on using this purse - I just throw some ideas here.

This little thing will perfectly complement your summer look and, of course, you can put inside some small accessories, or take it with you in a journey to exotic places, or wear to.. Hippie-themed party. It can be just a gift for your friend or relative or simply be used for decorative purposes - at your home. All depends on your mood and imagination, and I will just help you to express yourself better :)


Cozy Summer - Boho Inspired Collection


50% cotton 50% acrylic yarn

ready made braided handles

cotton ribbon

wooden button


diameter of the bag: 15,5 cm / 6,1 in

length of the handles: 71 cm / 28 in

diameter of the button: 1,5 cm / 0,6 in